Improved Complex Coacervation of Whey Protein Isolate with Ultrasound

High-intensity ultrasound of whey protein isolate (WPI) molecular structure as a previous step for complex coacervation with kappa-carrageenan has been proven to improve some functional properties including foaming capacity, the stability of emulsions, add viscosity and maintain their solubility. In the study of Vargas et al. (2021), a protein suspension of whey protein isolate (1% w/w) has been sonicated with the ultrasonic probe UP400St (24 kHz, 400W). Sonication resulted in a progressive decrease in whey protein isolate particle size to nanometers. Further, volume increment, stability, and expansion percentages of complex coacervation foams were improved using sonicated whey protein isolate. Additionally, the ultrasound treatment had positive effect on the emulsifying properties of the complex coacervation, increasing the time emulsion stability percentage. Thus, sonication is an efficient tool to improve functional properties of whey protein isolate / kappa-carrageenan complex coacervates.

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